The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois
Recorder's Online Documents

DuPage County Recorder's Online Documents

Welcome to the DuPage County Recorder’s Website for accessing our Digital Imaging System from the convenience of your home or office. This website is provided by the DuPage County Recorder's Office as an extension to our Public Access Terminals located in the Recorder's Office. The Recorder’s Website provides access to indexed documents and digital images starting March 16, 1961.

Fred Bucholz

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DuPage County 1897 Map


  • Wayne Township 40-9
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  • Addison Township 40-11
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  • Milton Township 39-10
  • York Township 39-11
  • Naperville Township 38-9
  • Lisle Township 38-10
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  • Downers Grove Township 37-11

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